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Clay Cloth with Large Gold Flower Arabesque

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This is a PURE silk imported from Japan. A beautiful earth color contrasts with a large, bold gold flower arabesque. This exotic fabric will provide any office or home an elegant picture frame and provide an authentic Japanese feel to any space.

You should try the Tapestry Frame for your next photo frame. Compare these characteristics to traditional frames.

1. Lightweight - Each Tapestry Frame Weighs less than 1 pound with no breakable parts like glass in traditional frames.

2. Portable - The Tapestry Frame rolls up like a scroll and can be shipped in a box with 2"x2"x16" Dimension. 

3. Easy to Hang - The Tapestry Frame ships with a 3M Hanger which does not require tools to hang straight.

4. Does not Damage Walls - Because of the lightweight nature, the 3M Hanger attached to the walls does not leave holes like nails or screws.

5. Change out the Picture - Tapestry Frames allow users to change out the photo in less than 1 minute. Try doing this with a traditional frame.

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