I have been studying the art of Hyousou since 2007 directly from a prominent family firm in Tokyo, Japan. I wanted to allow this art to be more accessible and attainable to all types of audiences and could blend with all types of decor and styles. I started a Sole Proprietor business in 2009 called Custom Japanese Calligraphy, but in 2019 I began earnest efforts to modify the product and format to hold photographs. In 2021, I created an LLC and purchased the domain name www.tapestryframe.com .

The Tapestry Frame is unique from a traditional western style frame of metal, wood and glass, in that 1) there are no breakable parts, 2) it rolls up and stores in a small box, 3) is lightweight and portable and 4) Is easy to hang and can be hung on a the wall without damaging it if one uses the 3M hanger provided when product ships.

The most important aspect of the frame, is if you would like to design or provide a pattern for your own cloth that is a possibility. I want the shop to be able to focus on the customer selecting a cloth we provide or the option to create their own (https://www.joann.com/customizable-fabric/) have it shipped to our business and then we make the Tapestry Frame for you.

This allows customers to have a photo frame that is unique to them, and can suit any taste or style! We utilize materials to make the cloths in many countries, but source most of the material from Japan. We use natural, starch based glues that are environmentally friendly!